The Venue


In Montgomery, Alabama @ The ENVI Ultra Lounge on Thursday, February 2, 2017 was the place to be for a grove catered to expanding the live music scene in this area. Its revels new talent, while spreading live music to new VENUES within the community. This debut showcase featured Gegiyah Southall, Tiffany McCsuley and Andrey Scott. Plus plenty other great guest talent performed in the Open Mic Portion of the evening. Produced by T. Baldwin Music LLC and Chasen Music Group. Rodney Wilkerson served as MC. He kept the show moving nicely with his own brand of humor and skills as a performing artist.

Cover charge only $5.00 and the Production will continue this and every Thursday until further notice.  Photo coverage by Jacque/USA, Image Builder. 

For Info. concerning digital images or event’s hardcopies call 334-669-0736; e mail all request to: Thanks!  (JAC)

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