52nd Anniversary Bloody of Sunday in Selma

Dick Gregory (born Richard Claxton Gregory, October 12, 1932-August 19, 2017) in St. Louis, Missouri) was an internationally known comedian, social activist, social critic,  conspiracy theorist, occasional actor and entrepreneur.  Comedian and civil rights activist Dick Gregory,  broke barriers in the 1960s and became one of the first African-Americans to perform at white clubs ..

I’m honored to have had the pleasure and opportunity to cover some of his appearances since 1962 in Jackson, Mississippi. "May he Rest in Peace”  Jacque/USA

You may also view these images in the slideshow format.  Special thanks to Mr. David Rich for complimentary Images from his private Drone. Any questions or additional info. should be addressed to picturethismagazine@yahoo.com or call Jacque 334-669-0736.      Thank you!

“We Were There” ~ PictureThis Bloody Sunday Gallery

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