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The Bethany Academy Eagles proudly hosted Grandparent's Day on Wednesday, Sept.18, 2019! Grandparents were saluted, serenaded and bestowed with gifts during a special luncheon! Special thanks to all who celebrated with us at Bethany Christian Academy. Grandparents truly are "Grand" at Bethany Christian Academy (BCA)!

These Proofs have been posted here for the express purpose of the Parents, Students & Family having access to view and purchasing hardcopies.  Please include File Number under the Image.

Here’s how you can order your own hardcopy and packages.  Call  Jacque Chandler @ 334-669-0736 or Submit your Photo Order Form to the School Front office or by e Mail  to: Prints will be delivered by back to the School. Thank you very much!

Bethany Christian Academy Students School Day Photos 2019..


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